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Who is Joanna and Darek?

Our American Dream is coming true, and it all started when Joanna was fourteen and her parents took her and her sibling and left Poland. They ended up living in an immigration camp outside of Rome for two years before moving to the United States. With a new beginning in the states, Joanna attended high school and after finishing, pursued her passion and attended cosmetology school. Joanna then began working for La Meche International. A few years went by and La Meche partner Mr. Hans gave Joanna the opportunity to buy him out. She seized this opportunity, and has had two successful relocations since. Darek also emigrated from Poland, but at the age of twenty-two after finishing school and his sports career. He met Joanna at a Polish dance club and from there the two fell in love and began building their family. While Darek was doing many different jobs, Joanna convinced him to go to cosmetology school and earn his license. After going to school and spending many nights practicing under Joanna’s instruction, Darek himself became a skilled hairdresser. Since then the two have spent over twenty years satisfying thousands of clients.

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